for L2OldSchool

If you like our server, you can send us a small donation
to support our team and make L2OldSchool Server better!

All donators can use their accounts
in premium version, with more XP, SP, Adena, etc!

Premium Account is valid for a limited period (1 or 2 or 3 months!)
and will give you the following things:
XP x500 | SP x500
Adena x500 | Drop x100
Enchanted buffs and 3 extra buff schemes
Private Buffer Anywhere with ".buffer" command
[PR] prefix before your messages

Donations can't be refund for any reason.
If you want to send us a donation, you will must agree with this.
Thank you!


Premium Account
for 1 month


Premium Account
for 2 months


Premium Account
for 3 months

After your donation is completed, you will must send us an email
to: [email protected] with the information below:

1. Your account username (in our server)
(This account will become Premium)

2. Your donation amount (example: 10€)

3. The date of your donation (example: 25/12/2021)

NOTE: Your account will become Premium within 48 hours.

About Us
Best & Premium Emulator of Lineage2 High Five (Part5) game, ever!
L2OldSchool Server it is only a TEST server of the LineAge2 Game. All rights belong to NCSOFT.
If you want to play the Original LineAge 2 game, please visit the NCSOFT's website.
Lineage II and all associated logos and designs are trademarks or registered trademarks of ncsoft corporation.
All other trademarks or registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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