About Us

Hello all and welcome to L2OldSchool Server!

We are a team made up by some guys that were playing l2 for many years in many private servers and L2official. Also we have experience in building a server & face or repair bugs and we decided to create a private server that will last for years and with passage of time the server will be done better.

On the contrary of the most L2 servers out there which doing yearly wipe, our team decided to keep our server for many years without any wipe or seasons. We had playing for years in another l2 servers and we felt very bad when the server doing wipe and we lost all our characters and items.

All of us we have a main job and we are not planning to be rich from the game and its players. Ofcourse we accept donations to keep working with passion and love to support our server but for you too, to continue playing a better game in the future, when we will upgrade our server's hardware and network more.

We will starting without many advertisement and we know that is not good because we will haven't many ppl in our beggining, but we will do our best to get more ppl. Ofcourse if we have any donations, we'll spend it all for advertisement and server's upgrades.

Thank you very much for your time, we hope to enjoy the game in our server with your friends, like old days!

Best Regards!

About Us
Best & Premium Emulator of Lineage2 High Five (Part5) game, ever!
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