If you find any bug or any problem in our server, you can report it to "Bug Reporter" NPC in the game and we'll do our best to fix it at soon as possible.

When a player report a new/unknown bug to us, to help us improve our server, then we will give him a random small reward in game, via Mail System. These rewards will be balanced and fair for all players in game.

NOTE: Before you report a bug to us using the "Bug Reporter" NPC, visit this page to see if someone else player reported the same bug before you.

Only the first player to will reported the same bug with others, will be receive the reward in game.

WARNING! - If we receiving from players fake reports for bugs, problems, etc in our server, these players maybe will be go in Game's Jail or banned permanently!

When you create a new account and a new character, the game ask you for a secondary password (Character's PIN number).

This PIN must be register from you and you will be using it to login the game with one of the characters of your account.

The PIN code, must be 6 or 8 numbers and no like the following passwords: 112233 or 000333 or 123123, etc.

To make a right and safe PIN code, please make passwords like: 591836, etc.

Sometimes when you type your Username & Password maybe you stuck at the login screen. So, if you facing this login problem on our server, please send us a message from our Facebook Page.

Our team will receiving your message and will fixed the login problem as fast we can... usually we will fixed this imediatelly.

No. We accept donations only via PayPal for now.

The community system (Alt + B) is offline on our server, but we have everything you need in our custom NPCs.

At this time we have chosen that we do not want to enable this option.

When you receive a critical error message and you can't login to the server, please check your client folder files (not only the files in system folder).

You can try to download and unzip from the scratch our client folder from here.

If you enter your Character's Password (PIN code) 5 times incorrectly, then the server will block your IP and your account for 8 hours. This happens for your account safety and you can't do anything else than just waiting for 8 hours.

If you can't see all the textures in our server correctly or you see black squares at the some of these textures (ex: PIN's code numbers in the login screen, Item's icons ingame, Buff's icons ingame, etc) then maybe you are using another L2 H5 Client or your client have broken some files for the textures.

To fix that, you must download our full client from here and then replace your existing client with our.

No, you can't do anything. Also we can't restore any password for any account.

So, you will must keep your passwords in a safe place and you typing them correctly every time.


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