Here you can see all the latest changes and bug fixes.

[ 06/11/2019 ]
- We added a new category "Talismans" in the Vote shop of the GmShop.
- We added a new category "Belts" in the Vote shop of the GmShop.

[ 02/11/2019 ]
- We changed the level rate that the party members will must have. Now, if you have 2 or more characters in your party with 20 level difference bettween of them, they can leveling up all.
- We added a new command ".antibot". If the "Captcha Antibot System" window opens and you accidentally close it, you can open it again by typing the command: ".antibot". This can do it only after you close "Captcha Antibot System" window and you want to open it again imediately.

[ 30/10/2019 ]
- We added all Attributes Jewels in GmShop.

[ 26/10/2019 ]
- We changed the Achievement's List in the "Services Manager" NPC.
   \_ We increased the rewards of all achievements.
   \_ We added reward info to you know what rewards you will win.
   \_ We fixed the Anthara's Achievement.

[ 20/10/2019 ]

- We added a Global Gatekeeper to Primeval Isle location.
- We added more items into the Reward List.
   \_ 1x Revita-Pop (Chance: 50%).
   \_ 1x Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 84 (Chance: 25%).
   \_ 1x Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S-Grade) (Chance: 25%).
   \_ 1x Scroll: Enchant Armor (S-Grade) (Chance: 25%).
- We added a NEW NPC called: "Title Manager".

[ 18/10/2019 ]
- We added the option to you can seeing the Stats & Drops for every NPC.

[ 10/10/2019 ]
- BETA Server's bugs:
   \_ Gatekeeper's Hellbound teleports are now working normally.
   \_ The "Bug Reporter" NPC is now fixed.
   \_ Some little changes/fixes to Geodata files.

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